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The BOSS Online Business Building Toolkit

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People are always asking me how I was able to build a 6 Figure business online, which allowed me to quit my job of almost 13 years to coach full-time. Discover the online tools and systems that helped me build my own International coaching business on the side, so you too can build your own business, while saving money and time.


[For Coaches, Consultants and Service-Based Businesses]

Hello, I'm Shawna Payne, MBA, CHC!


I’m Shawna D. Payne, MBA, CHC, an award-winning International Business, Health and Lifestyle Success Expert, creator of the BE The Game Changer Planner: God. Goals. Grind and Founder of The BE Academy. I help women coaches build their own business from scratch, while working full-time, using simple, automated tools and systems, so they can have more freedom--- time and financially, to live the lifestyle they love!


The BOSS Online Business Building Toolkit will help you build your online business to run more efficiently to save you time. so you don't have to be present to get paid [I want you to work smarter, not harder!].


I have connected with and coached women around the world, from Washington, DC to Dubai, so I can confidently share some valuable resources that you can implement into your own business. Let's go from idea to reality and build your business by using my proven tools and systems!


To building your online business like a BOSS,



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