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Shawna D. Payne, MBA, CHC, is an award-winning, Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development Coach, Productivity Consultant, Women's Empowerment Speaker and Creator of BE The Game Changer Planner: God. Goals. Grind®.


Through her online consulting, training and mentorship company, The BE Academy, Shawna provides lifestyle and business success coaching, entrepreneurship education, mentorship and a community to support new and aspiring women entrepreneurs and career professionals. Her mission is to help women realize their full potential and build their own opportunities to be self-sufficient. Shawna has helped hundreds of women find a sense of purpose and build a strong foundation for success in their life, business and health.


Committed to the cultivation of women leaders in corporate careers and business, Shawna equips women with tools they need to increase their productivity and leverage their corporate expertise via social media, so they can confidently transform their visions into real-life businesses, while also balancing full-time work and family.


Shawna's full immersion into entrepreneurship and empowerment came in September 2018, when she resigned from her corporate career of 13 years, to fulfill her dream of cultivating women in positions of leadership and influence in workplaces around the world. Currently, Shawna's client and community portfolio expands from Washington, D.C. to Dubai; Abu Dhabi, South Africa and Nigeria to name a few.

When Shawna is not coaching and empowering women, she is mentoring high-school girls on how to build their confidence and make bold decisions, through her Teen BOSS Girls Building Club.


Shawna is a Certified Health and Master Business Coach. She obtained her Women's Entrepreneurship Certificate from Cornell University in 2022 and holds a M.B.A, with a focus in Leadership Development, a Bachelor of Arts in Government and Politics and a Certificate in African American Studies from the University of Maryland. She is a Board member of the Queen Anne’s County Character Counts! Advisory Council and a Character Counts Coach for Queen Anne’s County Public Schools. Shawna currently resides in Queenstown, MD with her husband Keith Payne Jr. and their three children.

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Spotlight on Shawna

  • Keynote Speaker - Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay P.E.A.C.E. Summit (2023)

  • Creator of BE The Game Changer Planner: God. Goals. Grind®

  • Trophy Wife on BET - Ms. Maggie (2022)

  • Guest Speaker - The Sisaundra Show on AfroTV (2022)

  • VN Global Creators Summit [South Africa] Speaker (2022)

  • International Business Retreat Dubai Speaker - Pinq Inc. (2022)

  • Top 28 Influential Business Pioneers - K.I.S.H. Magazine (April 2019)

  • Hustle Profile - Shawna Payne - Hustle & Flo (November 2018)

  • FEMtrepreneur: Shawna Payne – Lifestyle and Business Coach - Word Couture Co. (August 2018)


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