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"87% of millennials say professional development or career growth opportunities are very important to them in a job."

- Forbes

"55% of Millennials consider leadership opportunities a key factor when looking for employment opportunities."

- Impraise

"Millennials top three work-related fears: getting stuck with no development opportunities, not being able to realize their career goals, and not finding a job that matches their personality."

- Universum

"58% of employees say that professional development contributes to their job satisfaction."

- CompTIA

"Top reasons why Millennials consider leaving their jobs: to make more money, to move forward in their careers, to pursue work that is more aligned with their passions, and to have more flexibility/better work-life balance."

- Boston College

"Beyond high expectations, many millennials burn out at around age 30 because they are unhappy in their jobs and don’t see a clear career path."

- Fast Company

"40% of Millennials say that becoming a manager/leader is 'very important'."

- Universum

"87% of companies said it cost $15,000 to $25,000 to replace a departed millennial employee."

- Millennial Branding/

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