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"Procrastination is the bad habit of putting of until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday."

- Napoleon Hill


How To Get It Done!

​Now that you have set your goal [Your WHAT] and you know your motivation [Your WHY], now it's time to find new ways to make the task goal more enjoyable.

Spend 10-15 minutes quiet time each day with your eyes closed and visualize, imagine, hear, feel, smell or taste having WHAT you want. (yes taste, some people can taste their accomplishments).

Use your 5 Senses and Delights for ways to boost your motivation and help you stop procrastinating and get things done.


1. VISUAL - I love the sight of?​

  • Surrounding yourself by things you love to look at will have a positive impact on your creativity and focus while completing tasks. (TIP: Dim lighting can help creative performance.)

2. AUDIO - I love the sound of?

  • ​Listening to the sounds you like while working on your goal will stimulate your thinking. (TIP: Ambient noise is most effective in stimulating your thinking. Try listening to the app Coffitivity.)

3. KINESTHETICS - I love the feeling of?

  • ​The things you touch while working actually affect how well you perform.

4. OLFACTORY - I love the smell of?

  • Smells can help stimulate your focus and creativity. (TIPS: Rosemary and grapefruit smells are said to be energizing. Lighting candles or incense can help stimulate your mind.)

​5. GUSTATORY - I love the taste of?

  • There is a connection between food and your mood. The foods you like will fuel you to stay focused. (TIP: Fruits and vegetables create positive changes in your mood.)

6. DELIGHTS - A real treat would be for me to?


3 Strategies To Help You Avoid Procrastination

1. Create daily “to-do” lists. These are your daily goals [See Bonus 1]. You want to complete 70 percent or more of your “to-do” items every day.


2. Have a “DAILY THREE.” These activities represent the crucial things that will help you get closer to realizing some major purpose or goal.

3. Have accountability partners. These are people you team with to pursue a big goal. Communicate with them at least every week, and make sure they hold your feet to the fire.

Let's See If You Can GET IT DONE!

Click here to download the worksheet below.



PS - If you love thinking on paper and you want a portable, easy-to-use tool to stay on track, make sure you order a copy of my BE The Game Changer Planner, which will help you remember your goals and get stuff done everyday. Click the picture below to get yours today:

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