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"When you know what you want, and want it bad enough, you will find a way to get it."

- Jim Rohn


Do you know WHAT you want?

A lot of people live their lives having no clue WHAT they want, so they live mediocre lives.

Knowing WHAT you want motivates you to take action. Knowing WHAT you want can move you in a forward direction when otherwise it might be tempting to just procrastinate and stay burned out, overwhelmed, stressed and stuck in the grind.

If you don’t know WHAT you really want in life, you’re not alone. Imagine how many people wander the earth every day without a PURPOSE or PLAN.


If you don’t want to spend your life searching for your purpose, you can use the following Life Inventory Exercise to find out exactly WHAT you want.


The Life Inventory Exercise - How Do I Know WHAT I Want?


Because I know you may struggle with figuring out what you want, I’ve created a free, worksheet for you so you can keep your wants and whys close at hand at all times.

Here’s how to use it:


Step 1) What are all of the things that I’d like to complete in this lifetime?


These might be things like publish a book, start a clothing line, be on the cover of Vogue magazine, get married, take two months off to travel, read the 100 greatest novels of all time….whatever it is for you.


Whatever it is that you’d like to accomplish.


Jot down as many as you can think of. 


Step 2) Go back and look at your list, and to put a little star next to the Top 3 ones that are most at the forefront for you. Which ones are what I like to call your "Passions"? Passions are the things you just have to do in your life. A Passion is not just something that you wish you had, but something you want to have.

What's The Difference Between Wishing And Wanting Something?


There’s a difference between wishing and wanting something.

  • Wishing is when you desire it but you don’t really believe that it’s possible for you in this lifetime. In essence, you’re not willing to do the things necessary in order to bring about what you wish for.

  • Wanting something is different. When you want something, you may not know the HOW, but you are willing to do anything to get what you want


Step 3) So go ahead and put a star next to the top three things you want badly.


Step 4) Then, of those Top 3 that you starred, you’re going to circle the one that you WANT RIGHT NOW, at this particular time in your life. Not six months from now, but right now.


What do you WANT RIGHT NOW?


When I did this exercise, the thing I wanted most was to be a PROFITABLE SUCCESS COACH


Step 5) So now that you have what you want to do RIGHT NOW circled, I want you at the bottom of the page to fill in the sentence, “What will having X do for me?” and you’re going to fill in the blank.


I wrote, “What will being a PROFITABLE SUCCESS COACH do for me?”


ANSWER: “I would feel like I’m fulfilling my passions and confidently walking in my God-given purpose.”


Step 6) Then you answer the next question, “And, What Will Having [ANSWER] Do For Me?”


THIS IS YOUR BIG MOFA--- Review Next Step #1 and see if the Big MoFa you wrote in the first bubble is in alignment with the one you wrote in Next Step #2. If not, pick the one that motivates you the most.

Finding your reason WHY is essential if you want to achieve success. If you have a strong “WHY” you have all the FUEL you need to drive you forward – to success.


I wrote: “What will being able to fulfill my passions and confidently walking in my God-given purpose do for me?”


ANSWER: "I would be making a profitable living transforming the lives of ambitious women around the world, while being able to travel with my husband and children.”


So you’ll write in your answer.


Step 7) The next question you’d ask yourself is: How will I know when I’ve reached it?


ANSWER: I will know I'm working with ambitious women around the world and making a profitable living, while being able to travel with my husband and children when:

• I work with clients from 10 countries or more (and clients get life-changing results)

• I take at least 2 vacations with my husband and children in one year

• I generate $XXX or more per year

So, what do you want?

Go ahead and take some time to complete your Life Inventory. At the end, you will know WHAT you WANT and what is your BIG MOFA [Big MoFa = WHY You Want What You Want].

Click here to download the worksheet below.



Try the worksheet out for yourself and let me know what you think by posting on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #bossessentials

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