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Are you ready to take it to the next level and make your first $5k in business? 

Are you an aspiring female entrepreneur, coach or consultant in a service based niche, who helps others make a difference in their own lives or business?

Do you desire to launch a business and do the damn thing this year?


Do you desire more freedom and want to attract high-paying clients into your business who know your value?

Are you tired of hearing crickets when you post online?

Do you fear if you don’t get seen and heard online the whole "entrepreneur thing" will never work for you?

Are you ready to invest monetarily in yourself and receive coaching and support so you can stop trying to “figure it out” and finally reach your online business goals?

Are you ready to show up and stand out online so that your ideal customers can find you, follow you, and buy from you?

Here's the thing...

You want to launch your own profitable business


You want to be seen online


You want to be paid – and be paid well – for your work.

I know you do.

But, you have no idea how to…

Show up and stand out online, or sell your services and products.

You simply need the steps. And someone to show you how.


That's where I come in!

I’ve been there. I get it.

When I first started my business just over two years ago, I was following all the gurus but I was stressed and struggling trying to increase my impact and income.

I knew what I wanted. I just had no idea how to get it.

I had no idea how to stand out online and attract the clients who had been praying for me and wanted to pay for my knowledge.


Even with all of my college degrees and experience, at the end of the day, it was my lack of self-confidence and believing that I COULD actually go out and do this coaching thing on my own, that held me back for so many years.

As much as I desired to take my life to the next level, it was my fear of failure... fear of not being good enough... fear of not being smart enough... and fear of not being worth enough that was holding me back.

If I wanted my life to change, I had to change first.

I suddenly had a moment when I heard from GOD. He spoke to me and told me that I was thinking too small. I was supposed to be coaching women on a global scale.

This motivated me to put my blood, sweat and tears into my passion and turn my lifestyle goals into reality.

So, I took a chance on myself and invested in a high-end coach who shared with me the system for building a profitable lifestyle business.

That's how BOSS Essentials was birthed.

Since then, I’ve helped dozens of other women turn their dreams into a reality, make money doing what they love, and quit their jobs to go full-time in their own business.



I truly believe that if I can do it, you can too!



If you don’t know me,


I'm Shawna Payne!

I'm a Lifestyle and Business Success Coach for aspiring female entrepreneurs and coaches, and a money-making maven.

I believe I was called to help purpose-driven women start living boldly, stop settling and stop thinking small, so they can build the life and/or business they desire.

The world is full of so many ambitious, goal getting and gifted women who want to share their gifts with the world, but have a hard time selling, earning and building a bankable business.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to make an impact, while also making an income.

There is nothing wrong with desiring more money.

There is nothing wrong with wanting an online following and a community of people who love your work.


There is nothing wrong with you.

You desire what you desire. You want what you want.

And you are allowed to have it all.

If you desire to:


Design a life and business you truly love

Fulfill you passions and walk in your purpose

Use your personal experience, story and knowledge to help others

Shift your limiting beliefs around what you are capable of achieving

Break through your fears, beat self-doubt and boost your confidence

Grow your online presence quickly. I’m sharing the social media strategy that results in over 1k new followers each month in BOSS Essentials

Show up powerfully and stand out online

…then I have something special for you.

It's time you step into your future, who you really are and become the most successful version of yourself.


An 8 week, group coaching program, where I will help you launch your business and show up and stand out online, so you can make your first $5k in biz, create high-ticket products and services and attract the clients who want and need what you offer.


You'll get access to me, and my support over the next 8 weeks to turn your dreams of building your bankable business, and attracting your ideal clients who know your true value, into a reality.

I am ONLY opening up 10 spaces in my high-level, group coaching program, to goal-getting women who are ready to take it to the next level in their business OR women who are new to business but understand the value of getting it right from the beginning. Women who see coaching as an investment and place a high premium on getting expert guidance that will "shortcut" their success. Women who take action quickly and would rather do what it takes to achieve results now instead of wait for "someday".

What's Included...


MODULE 1: Setting Up Conditions for Inevitable Success by Clearing Clutter, Creating Confidence and The Mindset of Greatness {Value: $250}


MODULE 2: How To Nail Your Niche and Describe What You Do {Value: $500}


MODULE 3: Identify Your Ideal Clients and Get To Know Them On A Personal Level {Value: $350}


MODULE 4: Create A High-Ticket, Compelling Offer That Sells {Value: $600}


MODULE 5: Create Perfect Opt-Ins That Attract Clients To You {Value: $550}


MODULE 6: Profit Pyramid - How To Price Your Offer and Create Your Starter Fee {Value: $500}


MODULE 7: Master Your Discovery Calls And Closing the Deal Conversations {Value: $1000}


MODULE 8: The Criteria For Choosing How You’ll Process Payments {Value: $250}

If you were to purchase each module separately, the cost would add up to over $4,000.

I priced it at a small fraction of that.




















The program includes some of my best business and marketing content on launching a business, building a brand and growing an online following + front row access to my own continuous process for success.

You'll also get access to:

A private Facebook community of success-minded women to support you each day in the group {Value: $600}

We will also do a LIVE weekly, group coaching, where I will give you the step-by-step path for going from idea to income, so you can build your bankable business.

You will get my exact templates and workbooks for how I create my products and offers, and more, so you have everything you need to take massive action. 

With the knowledge you'll be learning in this program, my past students have launched programs priced at $2000-$5000!

How It Works...

May 10 - June 28th

  • When the enrollment doors close on May 4th, you will receive an email with a link to the BOSS Essentials 101 FB group (I will accept all requests for the group on May 7th) + the program schedule.

  • The program officially begins May 10 - June 28th. 

  • Each LIVE weekly, group coaching session, will take place on Thursdays @8pm and last approximately 1-1.5 hours [You will receive live, group coaching from me during each session].

  • You will be emailed a new Module each week, as well as Action Steps to complete so you can set the foundation for your bankable business.

You will have all of the modules and the coaching calls for life.





Payment Options



Q: What If I’m Not A Coach? Is This Right For Me? 

A: Yes! Boss ladies from various industries including network marketing, beauty, graphic designers, virtual assistants and personal stylists and those of you who have a huge desire to make a difference in people’s lives by offering 1:1 or group programs and services will be able to use the trainings, scripts and templates provided in this program. Bottom line is this: I don't want you here if you don't want to be here. If you do not feel excited about this or called to it, please do not sign up. 

Q: I Have A Lot Going On Right Now, What If I Don’t Have A lot Of Time To Commit?

A: If you struggle with "following through" then know that's exactly why I created the Bankable Business Blueprint! To be clear, the templates and scripts are going to cut your time of trying to figure it all out on your own. A module will be delivered each week, but is up to you if you do the homework in real time. My goal is not to burden you with another "program" but rather provide you an atmosphere of "positive peer pressure" that will aid you in your personal and professional goals. Think of it almost as a mastermind - a community that will hold you accountable with direct, regular coaching and support from me. Best of all, the content is priceless. You have this content for life. If you find yourself struggling on anything, you can get what you need from the group to pull through. Just being in the energy of the group will be transformational.

Q: What If I’m Not 100% Sure Of My Business Idea

A: I got you. This course is exactly what you need. We’re going to help you gain the tools you need to believe in yourself and stand launch your business with confidence. You’re going to discover your passion and purpose, and with that in mind, it will be easy for you to build a business because you know how you want to impact people’s lives. Launching a coaching or consulting business with high-ticket fees is a fast track to bringing in the money you desire, and creating the financial freedom to quit your job to run your business. You’re doing the right thing.

Q: Do You Offer A Payment Plan?

A: YES! I love payment plans. My #1 commitment is bringing the tools you need to be successful to you in an affordable way. Click here to check out with your payment plan and start learning how to launch your business and earn your first $5k while doing what you love.

Q: Can You Guarantee Specific Results? 

A: I love this course and I deeply believe in the principals in it. However, the results you get are up to you. Show up and do the work.

Q: What if I don’t like the course? Do you give refunds? 


A: No. Due to the nature of the course there will be no refunds given.


Q: Will the deadline be extended?


A: No extended deadline as I begin rolling out content/live calls on Thursday, May 10th and I want my founding members to all jump in at the same time! So if you want to join, you have until, Friday, May 4th at 11:59 EST to do so!

I don’t guarantee or warrant results or increased income. << My attorneys make me say that. 

More questions?  Email for help!

Make Your Dreams Of Building Your Successful, Bankable Coaching + Service-Based Business A Reality!

Doors closing on May 4th at 11:59 EST

Price will be increasing to $999 after that.

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